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  • Pro Tools USA is a "Full Line" Distributor for Diamond Products and  Diteq Dust/Slurry Control Systems.
  • Call 817-680-2304 for complete information on Vacuum and Slurry Control Systems.
  • All orders received by 2:00 PM Central Time will be shipped same day.


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Dustless Vacuum Systems

  • Collects up to 99% of airborne dust
  • Switch between wet and dry vacuuming without stopping
  • Patented filter system engineered specifically for fine dust created by diamond tools and drywall sanding
  • HEPA model available
  • Professional grade
From $344.75

Cut Buddie

  • Includes 18” hose Removable
  • Captures up to 99% of dust
  • For Crack Chasing, Decorative Cutting And Tuck pointing
From $140.00

Bit Buddy

  • Flexible, translucent rubber dust shroud
  • Captures dust and slurry
From $21.00

Dust Buddie

  • Includes 18” hose Removable Front Edge Brush Skirt
  • Captures up to 99% of dust
  • Fits most 4”-9” hand grinders
  • Professional grade
From $11.94