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S31-N Narrow Turbo

  • This narrow turbo was developed to cut porcelain and hard granite chip-free and faster that any turbo rim blade on angle grinders
  • These blades will meet all of the requirements for stone, tile, and any hard building materials cutting applications
  • .315" Segment Height
From $18.56

C33 Firestar

  • Firestar blades feature curved diamond wedges which protrude deep into the core to provide additional protection from side wear of the core
  • An excellent choice for curved cutes and green concrete on early-entry saws.
  • Also good for fast, free, smooth cutting on a wide variety of harder materials including: concrete, stone, granite and brick
From $30.86

B33 Silent Turbo

  • Get a silent-core blade for the price you'd usually pay for a comparable regular blade
  • The Noise Killer features a special resin-filled core that dampens noise -- making it perfect for jobs where noise level is a concern
$415.00 $233.44